Commercial Bat Removal

Animal Control Solutions is a professional Nuisance Wildlife Removal company that specializes in Commercial Bat Removal and Bat Control services. We provide complete bat control services for many commercial companies throughout the State of Virginia.

Bats in Churches

Bats in church is a very common occurrence, church buildings have the perfect combination of several factors that make them one of the most likely places in a given community to be infested with bats. They are usually very old, very quiet (which the bats like) and usually have a very high structure such as a steeple that the bats really like. Some of the worst problems we have seen over the last two and half decades have been inside churches! Simply because no one is there all the time to detect the bat problem, so in many instances the bat infestation is several years old before it is discovered. Usually by an electrician or HVAC technician.

WE have performed Bat exclusions and Guano clean outs on churches in all parts of the state, we have certified employees that will come and look at this specialized problem for you. We offer this inspection service for churches free of charge.

Bats in Apartment Buildings

Bats in apartment Building is also a very common occurrence, similar to the bats in the church problem, we send one of our certified Bat inspection experts to the building to perform a “bat survey”. After this is done, we can identify the type of bat, the number of bats we are dealing with and devolve a plan of action to completely solve the problem associated with bats in an apartment building. We have a specialized crew that seals these buildings tight and performs a bat exclusion. Once this is done, we then have the people and correct equipment to remove the guano and get rid of the contaminated material. We do all this in a systematic way that cause very little confusion and conflict with the tenants of the community.

virginia commercial bat exclusions